Ion exchange resin plants

In addition to the most innovative demineralization through nanofiltration systems, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization, NPC srl designs and manufactures the most traditional ion exchange resin plants used for the removal of dissolved salts from water intended for industrial use. All systems, ranging from the simplest water softening ones to the most complex mixed beds, can be built according to specific customers needs from the simplest manual operated plant to the most complex automatic one with local and remote process control.

  • Ion exchange softening plants in sodium cycle (water softeners)
  •  Arsenic removal plants (dearsenifiers)
  • Nitrate removal plants
  • Demineralisation plants with ion exchange resins in acid and basic cycles
  • Demineralisation plants with mixed bed

All the plants and accompanying equipment of the stations listed above (dosing stations, pumps, decarbonation towers) are available and supplied by NPC, both included in the stock and as spare parts.